DoubleJump is a unique, creative environment, backed by a small team of passionate developers. We are always looking for new opportunities to grow and do better, but this time we’re hoping to build a better foundation for our community of players.

That’s where you come in. As a Community Manager, you will be a jack of all trades!

You will be the bridge between our community and our developers; facilitating the conversion around our games, and guiding our development to the best possible version of itself. You will be interacting with the community through various means: Answering support tickets, talking on forums, and posting on social media.

Your three primary roles will be Community Management, QA, Support.


  • Bridging the communication gap between our community and the rest of the studio.

  • Communicate issues and player feedback to the development team. Help prioritize those issues with other development tasks.

  • Engage with our community on a daily basis, and be constantly looking for ways we can improve.

  • Execute established and proven social media strategies.

  • Rapidly respond to player support requests across multiple channels.

  • Test pre-release features and verify functionality, content, and stability.


  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Experience managing social channels.

  • Experience managing a community, taking feedback, resolving issues.

  • Photoshop and video editing skills are a bonus.